The Brief Review of the vivo X6


The vivo X6 is the first phone that has a 4GB RAM and supports the fast charging.

The outer packaging of the X6 is very compact and simple. The product description is on the back of the packaging. The accessories are all on the box including the warranty card.

The vivo X6 carries the self-developed fast charging technology. And the charger supports 5V/2A and 9V/2A output modes. The double-engine quick charging technology has a double charging chip and double charging circuit. So this technology ensures the stability and the security of the charging.The material of the data cable is very solid, and the data cable is available for the quick charging.

The vivo X6 has a pair of earphone that has a microphone. There is also a transparent soft phone protective cover that can well protect the phone especially the camera.

The design of the vivo X6 has many similar features with the X5. The LOGO, the front camera, the phone receiver and the light and distance sensor are on the top of the screen. The three virtual keys are on the bottom of the screen. The X6 has a 5.2 inches screen with a resolution ratio of 1080P that uses the Super AMOLED material. This material can helps save power. The screen still uses a 2.5D curved design and has a highly transparent film with it. The Micro-USB interface is on the bottom of the phone. And the loudspeaker and the microphone are on the two sides of the USB interface.

The back cover of the X6 uses brand new aluminium magnesium alloy which has gone through various craft processes, making the metal material of the phone amount to 98.3%. The signal belt is only 1.5 mm which makes the phone look more compact.

The X6 has a 13MP primary camera and supports PDAF phase focusing technology. Also it has an LED flash light and a F2.2 aperture. So the imaging quality of the camera is very brilliant.

The fingerprint identification modular is also on the back of the phone. It is the first time for vivo phones to use condenser type fingerprint identification modular. On the top of the phone is a 3.5 mm earphone jack. The side frame of the phone applies a metal cutting Chamfer design which makes the phone more gorgeous.

The X6 carries the self-developed card slot that supports a Micro SIM card and a nano SIM card or a Micro SD card.

To sum up, there is innovation on the appearance of the X6, especially the metallic design and the convenient fingerprint identification modular.